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76 years and still going!

The Dome Companies has celebrated its 76th year as a “Made in USA” manufacturer and wants to pass on some facts that you may not know as the bookkeeping and key entry season is always a concern for any small business owner looking to maintain a budget they can manage easily.
• Most businesses are started by people who dig into their own pockets for at least some of their start-up capital,” said Census Deputy Director Thomas Mesenbourg. “This is true for both firms with employees and those without them. Furthermore, more than one in five of respondent businesses used no start-up capital at all.”
• The majority of home-based businesses are small:
• 93.1% have annual revenues of less than $250,000
• 57.1% have revenues of less than $25,000
• 62.9% have no employees
• 28.2% are family owned
Come visit us at http://www.domebooks.com/products/ and find out why our preferred books and software (http://domebooks.com/products/software/) makes it easy for you to keep accurate entries throughout the year. At The Dome Companies, it’s our mission statement to make sure the consumer has the best quality and satisfaction once a purchase is made. From all of us at The Dome Companies, thank you for your loyal support of our products since 1940.


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