Monthly Archives: February 2016

The Dome Companies just celebrated its 75th year as a proud family owned business and wants to thank every consumer who ever bought our books and realize you had a choice when you made your purchase.  One of the ways we have maintained our leadership position with our books is understanding what makes the consumers buy our product. Here are some facts that relate to one of our largest group of purchasers…Home Based Businesses:

  • 6 % of U.S. businesses are home based
  • 1 % have revenues less than $25,000
  • 9% have no employees
  • 77% are owned by the founder, 20% were purchase from someone else, 2.4% were inherited and 4.8% were obtained through transfer of ownership
  • 44% of current business owners had the business before 2000


At The Dome Companies we strive to inform you “why” our books and now Simplified Bookkeeping Software are the standard brands in the marketplace.  Please come visit us at and find out why we are the preferred book when you need to simplify your bookkeeping process during critical “Tax” times. Never be caught without having a Dome book in your office or home.


Did you know?

Are you looking for the perfect book designed to simplify the bookkeeping process for “Tax Time”? Why not use Dome Simplified Bookkeeping products which are recommended most by accountants, small business owners and teachers since 1940.

Dome Simplified Bookkeeping software is perfect for small business owners during “Tax Time” who need to watch their expenses closely!