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Dome Celebrates its 75th year!

In 2015 The Dome Companies (  is celebrating its 75th year as a “Made in the USA” company proud of the history and products we offer. Dome was founded in 1940 by CPA Nicholas Picchione, publishing a series of books designed to simplify the bookkeeping process for small business and young entrepreneurs. Over the years the “Dome Books” has been used by millions of satisfied consumers with 2014 introducing “Dome Simplified Bookkeeping”  software ( for those who want to combine all the features of the most popular Dome weekly and monthly bookkeeping systems. As a leader in keeping the environment safe, many Dome notebook covers and books are made from recycled content which is the first in these type of accounting entries. Some of our partners who support our Dome books near you are Office Max and Staples superstores. Each week we will alert you of new corporate or product developments with our company and for 75 years we know you have been a supporting member of our external family support. Thank you each day for making Dome the leader in bookkeeping organization.

Did you know from “The Dome Companies” (

Home based businesses make up roughly half of all U.S. businesses. Over 60% of home based businesses are in the service and construction sectors.