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July Kicks off with Freedom, August Celebrates International Friendship

July kicks off with the 4th of July and a celebration of freedom. August kicks off with the International Day of Friendship and its message of peace.

We all know Independence Day. With its deep roots in the history of American freedom, the 4th of July appropriately rings in summer with brilliant fireworks and family celebrations of all different kinds across the country.

A newer holiday, The International Day of Friendship, will also see all types of celebrations on Saturday, August 2, 2015.  Created by the United Nations in 2011, the International Day of Friendship promotes friendships between people of diverse cultures in its effort to inspire peace and build bridges between communities.

As stated in the U.N. Resolution A/65/L.72, friendship is “a noble and valuable sentiment in the lives of human beings,” and contributes to “the promotion of dialogue among civilizations, solidarity, mutual understanding and reconciliation.”

The International Day of friendship has a facebook page:

International Friendship Day | Facebook.

You can also learn more about the International Friendship Day in this press release:

Marking International Friendship Day, UN Chief Urges Global Amity:

Have a wonderful 4th of July with friends and family. Be sure to also mark August 2 to remember your friends around the world on the International Day of Friendship.